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With this message, the PCC Secretariat begins its monthly PCC RDA Update messages to the PCC lists.


Rationale: PCC RDA transition activities are taking place at a fast pace, and at many different levels of the PCC structure, from local institutional activities, all the way up to the highest-level PCC RDA task groups operating under the PCC Policy Committee umbrella. It is hard for anyone to keep track of all of these activities. The PCC web site is still the authoritative source for information on PCC RDA activities, but it cannot keep you updated on what is happening in the PCC RDA transition unless you check it regularly. So the PCC Secretariat will be sending out monthly messages, informal in nature, that will update you on what is happening in the PCC RDA transition. We will send these monthly messages at least through March 31, 2013, the Library of Congress’ RDA Implementation Day One (


Why March 31, 2013? Because PCC Day One for RDA Authority Records will be harmonized with the Library of Congress’ RDA Implementation Day One as much as possible (


If you know of a PCC RDA transition activity that could be mentioned in one of these monthly PCC RDA Updates, please contact me ([log in to unmask]) or the PCC Secretariat ([log in to unmask]). We will make every attempt to include the activities you describe in a future RDA PCC Update, space permitting.


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PCC RDA Update, March 1, 2012


1. RDA Task Group Activity—March 2012 deadlines:


TG to Formulate or Recommend PCC/NACO RDA Policy on Authority Issues (follow-on to Decisions Needed TG)


Preliminary recommendations on High Priority items delivered to the Standing Committee on Standards on January 15 ;

Preliminary recommendations on Medium Priority items due on March 15


RDA Provider-Neutral Model and Reproductions TG 


Final report submitted to Standing Committee on Standards by February 28


Standing Committee on Training RDA Records TG


Final report delivered to the Standing Committee on Training on March 1


RDA and the BIBCO Standard Record for Textual Monographs 


Final report submitted to the Standing Committee on Standards by March 9


RDA Policy Statements TG


Final report, including a calendar/timeline of proposed actions, due on March 15


Hybrid Integrating Resources TG (follow-on to Hybrid Records TG)


Date of final report to PCC Policy Committee due March 30


RDA Post-Implementation Guidelines TG 


Final report due on March 30


There are many other PCC RDA task groups at work. For a more complete listing, see the Status of PCC RDA Task Groups document on the PCC web site.


2. The Library of Congress announced its Long-Range RDA Training Plan on February 27, 2012.  In order to set the training plan in motion, LC needed to determine a target RDA Implementation Day One.  As will be seen in the plan, LC determined that date to be March 31, 2013.


3. PCC RDA Training


The PCC Secretariat is creating RDA NACO authority training modules intended for use by independent NACO AACR2 catalogers as they transition to RDA authority record contribution via the NACO Program.  The training modules will be available online via the Cataloger’s Learning Workshop web site in early April 2012, and will be in online format: discussion videos, demonstration videos, online exercises, and live follow-up Q&A sessions.  Participants who have completed the online modules will undergo a review period for RDA NARs. When the training modules are ready for posting and delivery, PCC members will be notified via the PCC lists.    


4. PCC RDA Timeline


The PCC Steering Committee and the PCC Secretariat have developed a PCC RDA Timeline. This timeline features PCC RDA transition activities and deadlines, and includes dependencies where appropriate. The timeline is intended as only a general overview of the PCC’s RDA transition activities. It is not an exhaustive representation of all PCC RDA activities and dependencies.   The timeline will be updated regularly, with the date of the latest version recorded in the footer. The current timeline covers the period January 2012-March 2013. Activities are categorized by topic or by responsible PCC unit.