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> What about a situation like Jan's, where he wants to enjoy
> his 78's with less crackle? I'm surprised no one has built a
> preamplifier, intended for playback (but why not add a SPDIF
> or USB output so one could put their preferred playback
> sounds into their iPod or other portable digital system?),
> that includes real-time DSP. It seems you could license
> ClickRepair pretty cheaply (given the retail price to buy
> the software), so you don't need to go and spend a fortune
> on better-branded and more-detailed software. I'm talking
> about just for listening enjoyment, not for hyper-sensitive
> archival use. You'd have your EQ curves and hi-/lo-pass
> stuff in the analog realm, then go A-D with any of the many
> reasonably-priced chips available today, probably want a
> higher-than-CD sampling rate and definitely a 24-bit depth.
> Then apply DSP in real time and, for the listening system,
> go back D-A but also send the digital to a SPDIF transmitter
> and perhaps a USB interface, so a person could make a
> transfer of the output and/or feed their favorite DAC. You'd
> be able to adjust the parameters of the DSP via encoder
> knobs on the front panel. This may be anathema to analog
> diehards, but many less-brittle folks might appreciate and
> use a good execution of this concept.

I agree that it is a terrific idea. Several years ago I suggested something similar to CEDAR. No response.

I believe the key to understanding the situation can be found in your last sentence. The purists want the entire chain to be analog. However, I sometimes wonder about all of this. Consider the Tilson Thomas set of Mahler available at the bargain price of $749.99 Yet, were these not recorded digitally? I have heard that they are on their second pressing. So maybe the time is ripe for such a product for discs.

Karl (who listens to his LPs and 78s by converting the analog to digital and then running them through external CEDAR boxes (the "cheap" ones) and turning the signal back to analog)