Some record dealers on ebay (and elsewhere) just slap "book values" on
discs and, with something odd, just guess based on something similar.
So, no, I don't think it's a joke.

It's a little frustrating when you run into someone that does have
something rare, but not that valuable, but holds out for a huge price
that just isn't practical.

A couple of years back, I heard from an older gentleman that had
around 30 discs containing 60 episodes of an early 1930s kid's serial
that is otherwise lost.  The discs, based on the info I could gather,
were probably pressed by World Broadcasting and are likely those
floppy reddish color discs made out of some experimental plastics and
will probably degrade to unplayability over time.

He wanted $6,000 for the whole lot - around $200 per disc.

Despite the historical interest, I'm not sure he could get that much
for them at auction.  I talked with some otr collectors and we
couldn't get enough interest to pool resources from several otr fans
to buy the discs.  I even considered purchasing them and doing a
commercial audio cd release, but I couldn't see how you'd make your
money back from the small potential audience for the material.

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> I don't think it is a joke but this dealer has many records at
> way-out-of-line prices IMO. Notice that this one is 20% off? Many of his
> records are discounted and still way over priced. Also notice that he has
> over 40k sales, but I have no idea how.
> He certainly doesn't take much time to make pictures. The label is on its
> side and there is no CU. Not very good salesmanship IMO.
> I also love the way ebay says that this guy (and many other dealers) receive
> consistently high feedback, but he is not 100%. So someone has given him bad
> remarks somewhere. I don't call that consistent. If he is so consistent why
> isn't he 100%?
> joe salerno
> On 4/23/2012 7:12 PM, Tom Fine wrote:
>> are these things really worth $160 each? Can someone provide some
>> history? They seem to be dubs of commercial masters, combined into a 6-8
>> minute "set" to be played between voiced announcements?
>> -- Tom Fine
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> Joe Salerno