On 26/04/2012, Bill Klinger wrote:

> --- Longy School of Music, Cambridge, MA ---
> The Longy School of Music receives $10,000 to assist in funding its
> project for digital preservation transfer of recordings of classical
> music performances by the School's faculty, including Roman Totenberg
> and Irma Rogell. The recordings feature important guest performers,
> such as Artur Balsam, Anner Bylsma, D'Anna Fortunato, Claude Frank,
> Lillian Kallir, Anthony Newman, Virginia Pleasants, Jaap Schroder, and
> Daniel Stepner.
I am always puzzled by the use of the expression "digital preservation",
when it is more difficult to keep a digital file intact than it is to store
an analog tape or a grooved disc.

Digital is great for copying. So far, not so great for preservation.

I am very conscious of this in photography too, since I moved from film to

Don Cox
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