Thanks for pointing this out. I was unaware of the Steinweiss connection and had never bothered to check into the history of this. 

As to why this concerns me, looking for projects in retirement, I decided to do a book (or perhaps a website) of the covers of odd LP records I have acquired in shops over the years. My large bed scanner just arrived last week! Having 4 LP incarnations of the "contest," knowing about the source has been most helpful.

While it is not my intent to flood this list with emails, I am curious if any of you out there have suggestions as to covers to include. My preference is for LPs not already featured in books or websites. To give you an idea of my thoughts, some of the titles being considered are Buddy Cole's "Have Organ Will Swing" (featuring an attractive woman on a swing) Rick Segall's "I love you because you are fat," Paddy Roberts' "Music for Gay Dogs," "Charles Burpo Sings Hymns," etc. Some will be featured for their song titles: from the Album "Poor and Lower-Middle Peasants Love Chairman Mao Most," we have the hit song, "Girls in our Village are really capable."

In the words of Anna Russell, "I'm not making this up." 

Feel free to ping off list.


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> If anyone is interested in seeing the
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