3M 190 (red oxide) was acetate. 3M's Type 201-203 (later renamed Dynarange)
was introduced in 1962-3. I have boxes of it labelled "Developmental
Product 1273" The NYPO/Berstein Mahler Third was mastered on 1/2" 190 and
those tapes were so warped when I worked on them that a chamois was used to
flatten the tape long enough for it to pass across the pb head.


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> Hi, All,
> For some reason, I found a bit of cognitive dissonance when I worked on a
> reel of 1" wide tape that appeared to be acetate.
> This dissonance probably stems from the fact that in 1956, PET-film-based
> ("Mylar(tm)") tape was produced for video recording and almost all
> wide-width tape I've seen has been PET-based. I suspect this is something
> like 3M 201 "Dynarange". Was this common? I would have suspected 202 would
> have been the more likely choice.
> These three tapes have been abused and are in horrid shape, warped, severe
> edge damage, and aren't behaving at all!
> I'm just checking -- I can do more tests to confirm, but I'm wondering
> what others' experiences are. I'm pretty certain I've seen 1/2-inch
> acetate...
> Cheers,
> Richard
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