From: Patent Tactics, George Brock-Nannestad

Hi, Allen K.,

I think you will find quite a lot of detail concerning Russell Dinsmore 
Hunting by visiting:

I did not check for an obituary, though.

A lot of information has been gathered in this website.

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> Hi,
>   I am writing an article on Russell Hunting, whom many will recognize  as
> an early recording artist, dealer, and industry executive. He was active  
> both in the US and overseas.
>   I state that no one has yet found an obituary for him (he died  in 
> Yonkers in Feb 1943 - and was born in Mass. in 1864). If someone knows  of
> such, 
> that would be great to have. The 1944-45 articles by Jim Walsh (in  Hobbies)
> don't mention one either.
> Thx.
> Allen K.