From: Patent Tactics, George Brock-Nannestad


I'll second Karl on his support to Tom's suggestion. Unfortunately, you 
cannot get those "cheap" CEDAR boxes any more, to my knowledge. There is one 
consolation, though: ELP, the Laser Turntable people, do now provide a 
one-knob noise reducer that seems to behave very much like the old CEDAR 
DeClicker. And it seems to be about on third of the original CEDAR box.

I think that you would get at least 95% of the possible improvement, which is 
far more than some reissues provide you with.

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> --- On Sun, 4/22/12, Tom Fine <[log in to unmask]> wrote:
> > What about a situation like Jan's, where he wants to enjoy
> > his 78's with less crackle? I'm surprised no one has built a
> > preamplifier, intended for playback (but why not add a SPDIF
> > or USB output so one could put their preferred playback
> > sounds into their iPod or other portable digital system?),
> > that includes real-time DSP. It seems you could license
> > ClickRepair pretty cheaply (given the retail price to buy
> > the software), so you don't need to go and spend a fortune
> > on better-branded and more-detailed software. I'm talking
> > about just for listening enjoyment, not for hyper-sensitive
> > archival use. You'd have your EQ curves and hi-/lo-pass
> > stuff in the analog realm, then go A-D with any of the many
> > reasonably-priced chips available today, probably want a
> > higher-than-CD sampling rate and definitely a 24-bit depth.
> > Then apply DSP in real time and, for the listening system,
> > go back D-A but also send the digital to a SPDIF transmitter
> > and perhaps a USB interface, so a person could make a
> > transfer of the output and/or feed their favorite DAC. You'd
> > be able to adjust the parameters of the DSP via encoder
> > knobs on the front panel. This may be anathema to analog
> > diehards, but many less-brittle folks might appreciate and
> > use a good execution of this concept.
> I agree that it is a terrific idea. Several years ago I suggested something
> similar to CEDAR. No response.
> I believe the key to understanding the situation can be found in your last
> sentence. The purists want the entire chain to be analog. However, I
> sometimes wonder about all of this. Consider the Tilson Thomas set of Mahler
> available at the bargain price of $749.99 Yet, were these not
> recorded digitally? I have heard that they are on their second pressing. So
> maybe the time is ripe for such a product for discs.
> Karl (who listens to his LPs and 78s by converting the analog to digital and
> then running them through external CEDAR boxes (the "cheap" ones) and
> turning the signal back to analog)