Are the colored vinyls more noisy than black like the picture disks used to be back in the 80s?

A neato RSD promo for a band would be that they go down to United Pressing in Nashville and hand-mix 
buckets of colored pellets, which then get made into biscuits. If you had a 4-person band, maybe the 
drummer mixes black and silver with a few red flecks, the guitar player mixes green, yellow and 
orange, the bass player goes with red white and blue and the female singer goes for pink, indigo and 
day-glo orange. The could also come up with four versions of the cover, and press 500 copies of 
each. Bands may contact me for licensing information! ;)

-- Tom Fine

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Subject: [ARSCLIST] The Color of Vinyl in 2012

> All,
> A thought occurred to me that I'd like to get others' take on.  With
> the exception of the band Shellac, I can't think of a new releases
> since sometime in the mid '00s that's been pressed on black vinyl.   I
> definitely have all the primary colors, a lot of secondary colors, and
> a few clear/translucent ones for good measure.  Meanwhile, I can tick
> off scads of new vinyl since then that've been black, but they were
> all reissues, not new releases.
> That said, all my vinyl tends to be of
> indie/alternative/underground/whatever rock bands.  They're obviously
> doing it for the collecting aspect.
> Anyone else seen something similar?
> Jim