Some of the British reissues of Everest classical recordings that I bought (luckily, on the 
dirt-cheap, from Berkshire Record Exchange) were clearly poor quality dubs of LPs. Others seemed to 
be made from old mass-duped quarter-track tapes. None seemed to be made from original 3-track film 
or tape. The US reissues from the early 90's were made from edited master films and tapes, according 
to all reports and publicity from the time.

Hopefully Mark Jenkins will speak to the current Everst film and tape ownership and reissue plans.

-- Tom Fine

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> May I add my thanks, with a question?
> Does anyone know to whom the rights to this catalog now belongs?
> I believe the Everest stereo masters resided briefly at Vanguard where they
> received their best-sounding CD releases. When Vanguard was sold to Artemis
> the Everest recordings were not included.
> I believe a British firm has issued some of the Everest stereo masters, but
> I don't know anything about their qaulity. It's the early stuff I'm
> wondering about. I hope they are not owned by a landfill.
> Al Lesitsky
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>> For some of us, 1968 doesn't seem too long ago, but reading the Billboard
>> release Tom so kindly dredged up was like opening a volume of ancient
>> history, when trade papers devoted such space to the activities of minor
>> classical labels. Sincere thanks for this.
>> DDR
>> On Wed, Apr 4, 2012 at 5:21 PM, Thomas Stern <[log in to unmask]> wrote:
>>> Billboard Nov 16, 1968
>>> Los Angeles - Everest Records has acquired the catalog of Oceanic Records,
>>> Inc.,
>>> of New York, which has been dormant for some years.  Included are seven
>>> operatic
>>> titles and instrumental albums, including performances featuring pianist
>>> Paul
>>> Badura-Skoda, cellist Maurice Gendron, organist Gustav Leonhardt and
>>> conductor
>>> Rene Leibowitz.
>>>  Bernard Solomon, Everest presitdet, explained that the first albums of
>>> Oceanic
>>> material will be issued on Everest, including Everest's Opera Series early
>>> next
>>> year.  Some of the one-LP operatic sets smay be packaged with other operas
>>> by the
>>> same or similar composers to create multiple sets which are more
>>> economical for the
>>> boxed series.
>>>  Leibowitz conducts three of the operas, including a three-LP package of
>>> Gluck's
>>> "Alceste," a title not currently in the catalog.  Featured are Ethel
>>> Semser, Enzo Seri, Jean M<ollien,
>>> Bernard Demigny, and Jean Hoffman with the ParisPhilharmonic Chorus and
>>> Orchetra.
>>>  The other Leibowitz operas, both one-LP sets, are Mussorgsky's "The
>>> Marriage" with Nicolas Agroff
>>> Charlotte Des,azures, Mollien, and Alexadre Popovvitsky with the Paris
>>> Radio Symphony, and
>>> Rimsky-Korsakov's "Mozart and Salieri" with <ollien, Jacques Linsolas,
>>> Paul Jacobs,
>>> and the symphony orchestra odf Paris Radio and TV.
>>>  Also included is Josef Keilberth conducting the Saxon State Orchestra and
>>> the chorus
>>> of the Dresden Opera State in a two-record set of Richard Strauss'
>>> "Salome" with Christel Goltz i
>>> in the title role with Bernd Aldenhoff and Kurt Boehme.  Another operatic
>>> title is
>>> Telemamn's "Pimpinone (The Unequal Marriage)" on one disk.  Featured are
>>> Helen Fuchs,
>>> Erich Lassner, the Salzburg String Quartet, and harpsichordist Jonathan
>>> Sternberg, Wolfgang
>>> Messer conductiong.
>>>  A three-record package of Beethoven's "Fidelio" with Gerhard Pfluger
>>> conductiong the
>>> chorus and orchestra of Mitteldeutsche Radio of Leipzig, Margarete
>>> Bauemer, Heinz Sauerbaum
>>> and Manfred Hubner are among the featured vocalissts.
>>>  Completing the operatic titles is a two-record package of Nichlai's "The
>>> Merry Wives of
>>> Windsor."  Rolf Kleinert conducts the chorus and orchestra of
>>> Mittledeutsch Radio and
>>> soloists including Theodor Horand and Boehme.
>>>  One Leibowitz instrumental album has the Paris Philharmonic in Corelli's
>>> "Concerto fo
>>> Oboe and Strings," and the Paris Radio Symphony in Gluck's "Flute Concerto
>>> in G" with
>>> Rampal and Haydn's "Toy Symphony."
>>>  Leibowits also is the conductor in two choral albums: Faure's Requiem
>>> with Nadine Southreau,
>>> Dem,igny and the Paris Philharmonic Chorus and orchestra, and Liszt's
>>> "Missa Choralis" with
>>> the Paris Select Choir and organist Giuseppe Englert.
>>>  Leibowitz's other instrumental albums are a pairing of Bizet's "Symphony
>>> in C" and
>>> Schubert's "Symphony No.1" with the Paris Radio Symphony; a coupling of
>>> Beethoven piano
>>> concertos with pianist Paul Jacobs and the Paris Radio Symphony; and a
>>> Beethoven orchestral
>>> program
>>>  Jonathan Sternberg conducts the Vienna Academy Choir and the Vienna State
>>> Opera Orchestra
>>> in Rossini's "Stabat Mater" with tenor Anton Dermota, baritone Paul
>>> Shoeffler, soprano
>>> Ilona Steingruber and alto Dagmar Hermann as the quartet of soloists.
>>>  Gendron is the soloist in a pairing of Haydn's "Cello Concerto in D" and
>>> Saint-Saens'
>>> "Cello Concerto" with Sternberg and the Vienna State Opera Orchestra.
>>>  Sternberg conducts
>>> the Vienna Symphony in a coupling of Mozart's "Piano Concertos No. 14 and
>>> 22" with Badura-Skoda
>>> as soloist.
>>>  Leonhardt is the soloist in Handel's "Oboe Concertos Nos. 3 and 4" in an
>>> album with Ernst Kuyler
>>> and the chamber orchestra of the Vienna State Opera.
>>>  Brahms' "Liebeslieder Waltzes, Opp.52 and 65" are performed on an album
>>> with soprano Erna Hassler,
>>> alto Hetty Plumacher, tenor Albert Weikenmeier, bass Franz Kelch, and
>>> pianists Hans Priegnitz
>>> and Hans Michael.
>>>  Completing the Oceanic titles is an album of three Handel Italian
>>> cantatas featuring soprano
>>> Agnes Giebel, harpsichordist Helma Eisner, recorder Alfred Mann, cellist
>>> Helmut Reinmann, and
>>> Stuttgart's Tanstudio Orchestra under Rudolf Lamy.
>>> Billboard May 20, 1950
>>>  The first complete recording of Beethoven's only opera, Fidelio, has been
>>> scheduled for June release by Vox Records.  The work, cut by the Central
>>> German
>>> Broadcasting System, with Gerhard Pfleuger conduction, will be released on
>>> three long playing disks, and will retail at $18.95.  Vox licensed the
>>> production from OCEANIC Records, and American0owned indie.
>>> Billboard Oct 15, 1955  550G Oceanic Oscar suit.
>>> Billboard Feb 2, 1952
>>> ...Period Music, producer of Renaissance, Period and Oceanic records here,
>>> is having
>>> it's LP's distributed in France under the Classic label, and in England by
>>> the
>>> Nixa Record Company.
>>> ....
>>> 1974  quad releases on Everest Olympic label
>>> 1950  Richard Strauss' Salome
>>> 1951  Rossini's Stabat Mater
>>> 1952  Gluck  Alceste
>>> Best wishes, Thomas.
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>>> It was originally owned by Arthur whose last name escapes me at the moment.
>>> I knew him.
>>> He told me a story about the Rossini Stabat Mater with Dermota.  D had a
>>> cold.  He sang a line and then schnochled- not an everyday word.  He
>>> breathed in and cleared the mucus from his nose.  The resultant tape was
>>> edited to remove the non-Rossinian pauses.  It's still a pretty good
>>> performance by him.  And  the bass, whose name I also forget, who does a
>>> great job with the chorus on the instrumentally unaccompanied  "Quando
>>> corpus."
>>> My files don't show a successor but I think their stuff came out in England
>>> on Saga and I think they kept some of the line in print for a while after
>>> Oceanic ceased.  I assume they sent $$ to some American outfit and, should
>>> their paper records survive, they may well have this data.
>>> Steve Smolian
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>>> Dear List,
>>> Renaissance was a label that lately engendered quite a bit of discussion re
>>> ownership. I recently had a query re Oceanic, a coeval independent LP
>>> label.
>>> Does anyone have any information on its succession of interest, present
>>> owner, etc., etc?
>>> Thanks,
>>> DDR
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