Hi, Jan,

I have both DC6 and DC8 but have not used DC8's click repair as I never 
really liked DC6's.

As I said, my experience was on a very bad LP and there was no 
comparison to DC6 or the Samplitude product. I only tried a little with 
DC6 as the Samplitude product always worked better for me.

It is a mixed bag, but for the price ($40?), I would try Brian's little 
program. You can check the price at the website

It was less than the upgrade to DC8 when it was on sale, and I haven't 
used DC8 except to try it and not see a huge improvement in noise 
reduction over DC6. Maybe, I'm missing something. I think Brian's tools 
are a great addition to the toolbox, both denoise and clickrepair. Also 
EQ. Your mileage may vary. I have not tried Izotope recently. It had 
promise, but it didn't offer an improvement for me for my tape work. I 
have not evaluated it for disc work as that's not my main business. I've 
just fallen into a dozen or so LPs recently that people wanted me to do 
as part of larger packages or 'cause they are friends willing to pay. 
The real noisy one I just did for a friend.



On 2012-04-21 9:01 PM, Jan Myren wrote:
> Hi again!
> Have you really checked out DC6 and think this Click repair is really
> better? What's the price on it?

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