Hi, Don,

I am aware of the difference, but the click/crackle I had on the very 
damaged record that ClickRepair did so well on approaches crackle.

Since each tool works differently for different people, this comment is 
worth repeating.

On 2012-04-21 9:03 PM, Dan Nelson wrote:
> Click Repair is a great tool for click and crackle reduction  for LPs and 78s.  
> The nice thing is you can  adjust how agressive you want the filters to be. Both click and crackle are variable.
> All files must be in  wav format.
> I have DC8 and Sound Forge, and  go for  Clickrepair as the better  software. 
> Also from Brian Davies is his noise reduction.....  another great tool.  Just be careful not to  over process an suck all the life out of the recordings.
> All the music on the Americanbeautiful site is processed with  Clickrepair and Denoise......  
> d nelson ward 
> Beautiful Music you will never forget, at;
I think anyone interested in this type of work (unless they have the 
really high-end software like Cedar) should download a trial copy (valid 
for 21 days). That will go much farther than us chatting about it. <smile>

The prices via the Kagi store are $45US for ClickRepair and $45US for 
both Denoise & DenoiseLF. The equalizer is free.  If you pay via PayPal 
(a manual process), both combined are $70AUS.



On 2012-04-22 4:46 AM, Don Cox wrote:
> However, LPs don't normally have crackle as 78s do. They tend to have
> fairly widely spaced individual clicks (which 78s have too).
> I would describe crackle as a multitude of small clicks at random
> intervals of many times per second. Generally the clicks differ on the two
> walls of the groove. (LP clicks are more often on both walls.)
> As each little click is an impulse, it has a wide-band spectrum covering all
> audible frequencies, so no kind of frequency-based filter can remove it.
> However, the spectrum goes up higher than that of the music, and this
> can be used for detection if the sample rate is high enough.
> Groove wear is another problem again.
> Regards

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