Anyone have any information on the Philco Electronic Scratch Eliminator 
introduced for Christmas 1947? I have recordings of Bing Crosby and Burl 
Ives (along with Marais and Miranda) hawking it...from the days when the 
commercials were cooked into the show.

It won't have a USB interface and will be mono <smile>.



On 2012-04-22 10:31 AM, Tom Fine wrote:
> What about a situation like Jan's, where he wants to enjoy his 78's 
> with less crackle? I'm surprised no one has built a preamplifier, 
> intended for playback (but why not add a SPDIF or USB output so one 
> could put their preferred playback sounds into their iPod or other 
> portable digital system?), that includes real-time DSP. It seems you 
> could license ClickRepair pretty cheaply (given the retail price to 
> buy the software), so you don't need to go and spend a fortune on 
> better-branded and more-detailed software. I'm talking about just for 
> listening enjoyment, not for hyper-sensitive archival use. You'd have 
> your EQ curves and hi-/lo-pass stuff in the analog realm, then go A-D 
> with any of the many reasonably-priced chips available today, probably 
> want a higher-than-CD sampling rate and definitely a 24-bit depth. 
> Then apply DSP in real time and, for the listening system, go back D-A 
> but also send the digital to a SPDIF transmitter and perhaps a USB 
> interface, so a person could make a transfer of the output and/or feed 
> their favorite DAC. You'd be able to adjust the parameters of the DSP 
> via encoder knobs on the front panel. This may be anathema to analog 
> diehards, but many less-brittle folks might appreciate and use a good 
> execution of this concept.

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