Along the lines of Steve's suggestion, Polyline used to sell plain white boxes and also reels:

It might be worth a call to Polyline to ask them for the name of their former supplier, see if that 
company will fabricate for you.

By the way, speaking of NAB reels, the company that makes the aluminum flanges is reportedly 
(reported by the folks at MRL test tapes) stopping production. I e-mailed and asked about pricing 
and it was _steep_, so much so that I decided I now am locked into my lifetime supply with what I 
have on-hand.

-- Tom Fine

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I used to get mine from a box mfr in Opalaika, AL.  They used to make them for Ampex.  It's been 
some years, but they knew their stuff and didn't take the full retail markup.

Steve Smolian

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Can anyone suggest a good vendor for plain white 10" reel boxes? I know about these from US 
Recording but there's got to be something cheaper. That's crazy.


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