I don't think it is a joke but this dealer has many records at 
way-out-of-line prices IMO. Notice that this one is 20% off? Many of his 
records are discounted and still way over priced. Also notice that he 
has over 40k sales, but I have no idea how.

He certainly doesn't take much time to make pictures. The label is on 
its side and there is no CU. Not very good salesmanship IMO.

I also love the way ebay says that this guy (and many other dealers) 
receive consistently high feedback, but he is not 100%. So someone has 
given him bad remarks somewhere. I don't call that consistent. If he is 
so consistent why isn't he 100%?

joe salerno

On 4/23/2012 7:12 PM, Tom Fine wrote:
> are these things really worth $160 each? Can someone provide some
> history? They seem to be dubs of commercial masters, combined into a 6-8
> minute "set" to be played between voiced announcements?
> -- Tom Fine

Joe Salerno