1. interesting article by Marc Myers on the current boogaloo scene in NYC:

2. obit for a British guitar legend:

3. finally, some light reading, from High Fidelity May 1968:
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"How To Be A Music Critic" (a tongue in cheek critique of the critics)

This article should be mandatory reading for would-be reviewers for ARSC Journal and of course all 
the rest of the higher-brow music press. What's left of a "mainstream" musical press is hopeless. 
There is still some good review-writing out there, a lot of it online now (blogs and the like).

Regarding point 8, fluffing up a piece with meaningless words, the current favorites infecting all 
manner of arts-opinion journalism are "effortless" and "organic." When I see them, I generally stop 

The point about needlessly describing physical appearance has morphed into needlessly describing 
what some would-be "star" or "celebrity" eats when he/she and the reporter sit down for a 
"conversation." This is rampant in movie-star coverage. The point seems to be to prove that the 
reporter and "celebrity" actually met face-to-face rather than twittering an interview. I call it 
the mandatory mastication riff.

-- Tom Fine