There is audio of Gould reading his Petula Clark essay. I think it's online
in the CBC Gould archive. He wrote quite a few interesting things for Hi
Fidelity, including a piece on the audibility, and defending the morality,
of tape splicing. Many of them are gathered in The Glenn Gould Reader,
edited by Tim Page.

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1967 time capsule

(remember to paste full link into browser, and link may expire soon)

ZIP archive with three articles from the November 1967 issue of High
Fidelity magazine, under the 
cover package titled "Rock":

1. Gene Lees on "just what is this rock and roll thing?"

2. a profile of Simon and Garfunkel by Morgan Ames

3. Glenn Gould on Petula Clark

Interesting to see how the previous generation thought about that crazy
noise the Baby Boomers 

-- Tom Fine