If you have time, today or another day, do go to Brooklyn and visit  the 
Brooklyn Museum and the Botannic Gardens.  It is a remarkably fine  museum, 
the themes of the exhibits are quite diverse, and the gardens, directly  
beside it, are lovely.  Take the no. 2 subway train to Eastern  Parkway.  When 
you emerge to the street the museum and gardens will be  right before you.  
The museum maintains a decent coffee shop and I've  eaten lunch there many 
Google Brooklyn Museum and see for yourself.
Paul Charosh
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While  you're there, see the Transit Museum!


Mark  Durenberger

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> Go to Brooklyn.
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>>  After visiting the Rutgers Institute of jazz Studies on Wednesday, May  
>> 9th, I have the afternoon to spare. Do we have any contacts for  local 
>> advice (dining, concerts, junkshopping, museums,  sight-seeing, 
>> whatever) - or would it be better to carry on to  Manhattan?
>> See you at Rochester
>> Thanks
>>  Rainer
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