Here is a question that you may be able to answer for me, superficially 
at least. It is a tax question, and I understand that you are not a tax 
wizard, but you may have some inkling of an answer.

If someone donates a record to the ARSC silent auction, is the realized 
price of the item possibly income tax deductible, assuming the 
prerequisite conditions of such are met?

joe salerno

On 4/26/2012 9:52 AM, Nelson-Strauss, Brenda wrote:
> Please consider making a donation to the ARSC Silent Auction, even if you are not able to attend the conference.  Not only do conference attendees eagerly anticipate this annual event, but it is a major fundraiser for ARSC and helps to support the conference.  Mailing instructions can be found on the conference website at    Vendors are also encouraged to participate. Books, CDs, vintage 78 rpm&  LP records, music, memorabilia, audio products and services, and related items are all welcome.
> If you mail donations within the next week they can be sent via Media Mail.  And of course if you're attending the conference, you can deliver your donations to the registration desk.
> Thank you for supporting ARSC !
> Brenda Nelson-Strauss
> ARSC Conference Manager
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Joe Salerno