The US Electra issue of 'Emperor Tomato Ketchup' is likewise black. Really wish that 'Refried' set wasn't clear, that's always bugged me. 

How about Table of the Elements? What a trainwreck-waiting-to-happen that stuff is. Everything's either clear or colored and they all come in PVC "library" sleeves: 

Yikes. No thanks.. 


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Glad that I'm not a collector! 

I do smile every time I get out my Drag City issue of Stereolab's Dots and 
Loops. One disc is white, the other is marbleized green. 

The same band's Refried Ectoplasm on Drag City has two clear green-tinted 
discs, which look whacky as you can see both groove spirals. In the UK issue 
of Emperor Tomato Ketchup ("duophonic uhf"), the discs are black. None of 
the surfaces or masterings are particularly good. Charming music, however, 
especially with the anarchist lyrics. 

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If you collect a limited issue of individually colored vinyl you will not be 

satisfied as a collector until you have them all.