Have not seen any reply to this query, so I'll use it to piggyback my query.

I have a question about Haydn Society releases in the MASTERPIECES OF MUSIC BEFORE 1750 series.
There are 2 catalog number series for these: 2071-2073, 9038-9040.

My vague recollection is that Haydn Society started with low numbers, had a 10" 1000 series, then a 12" 2000 series.
This may be totally wrong - hope someone can provide the full details, and dates.

What was the reason for the re-numbering?

When did the Masterpieces before 1750 series appear on the 2000 series, when on the 9000 series?
There were STEREO versions HS7-90xx - were these real stereo or "electronic" ??
Were the CD's HSCD 90xx mono, stereo or electronic stereo??
Does anyone know if these recordings were made specifically for Haydn Society, drawn from other
recordings, joint production (some or all were also issued in Europe on CND Club National du Disque, and Erato)???

Best wishes, Thomas.

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Does anyone know where (on teh Internet) one can find a discography of
records issued by the Haydn Society (the USA group headquartered in Boston)?