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Warhol seems to be suggesting that the underground party on Track 61 was staged by Norelco in order 
for Warhol and the Factory crowd to experiment with some sort of VTR. Was Norelco making a portable 
VTR in 1965? What format? Black and white? Reel to reel or some sort of cassette? Interesting! I 
always thought (admitedly, I am not a video historian), that the first "portable" VTRs were the 1/2" 
reel-to-reel types made by the Japanese in the early 70's or very late 60's.

-- Tom Fine

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You made me look for it!
Are these the same images?


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> From a fellow archivist's request. Please excuse cross-postings. Thanks!
> Marcos
> Tape Recording magazine threw a party for Andy Warhol on Track 61
> under the Waldorf Astoria on October 29, 1965. The Herald Tribune has
> photos of the party but they seem to have disapeared from the Herald
> Tribune photo dept collection at Queensborough Library. I'm wondering
> if Tape Recording Magazine ran any of the photos or had any in their
> records.
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