It was originally owned by Arthur whose last name escapes me at the moment.
I knew him.  

He told me a story about the Rossini Stabat Mater with Dermota.  D had a
cold.  He sang a line and then schnochled- not an everyday word.  He
breathed in and cleared the mucus from his nose.  The resultant tape was
edited to remove the non-Rossinian pauses.  It's still a pretty good
performance by him.  And  the bass, whose name I also forget, who does a
great job with the chorus on the instrumentally unaccompanied  "Quando

My files don't show a successor but I think their stuff came out in England
on Saga and I think they kept some of the line in print for a while after
Oceanic ceased.  I assume they sent $$ to some American outfit and, should
their paper records survive, they may well have this data.

Steve Smolian

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Dear List,

Renaissance was a label that lately engendered quite a bit of discussion re
ownership. I recently had a query re Oceanic, a coeval independent LP label.
Does anyone have any information on its succession of interest, present
owner, etc., etc?



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