Hello, Dale,

IASA TC04 Ver 2 says the archival standard is 48/24 but higher rates may 
be beneficial for many program types.

While 192 ks/s is available in some release formats, those made from 
analogue tape probably will not benefit from the additional bandwidth 
between 96 ks/s and 192 ks/s. 192 ks/s captures a large portion of 
bandwidth where the analogue tape performance is undefined, but isn't 
broad enough to capture the bias even if it were available at the signal 
output terminal of the tape machine, which it generally is not 
(partially by intent, and partially by accident).

I had a client ask me to do a transfer at 192/24 and I asked him to 
confirm. He called two other list members that he knew and they both 
said 96/24 was fine. I was glad to get the independent confirmation. I 
know there are some comments that 192 is inferior to 96...can anyone 
point me to an article that states that and explains it?




On 2012-04-11 2:06 PM, D. Allen wrote:
> isn't the aes-ebu archival standard 96/24?
> by release format, are you including the 192-96/24 releases available or just cd?
> Lavry has product with 192/24 now.
> Dale Francis

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