What are the main differences in phase responses while doingEQing in 
analogue and digital domain? Are bass responses or high freq. any different, 
or some frequences canceled or "muffled" so to say? How we can hear various 
types of analog and digital EQing? How does it sound? Are there some 
RIAA/un-RIAA/EQ plugins those that can correct phase responses?

Thanks in advance,


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>I think the short answer is that the recording curve was
> imposed in the analog domain, in reversing it for playback,
> only analog eq handles the phase response correctly.
> Also, applying eq digitally to a truly flat transfer reduces
> available headroom somewhat.
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>> Subject: Re: Recording_78rpm_records
>> Read the article, it was in the ARSC Journal a while back, maybe a  year 
>> or two. Too technical to
>> summarize here, at least for this non-EE.
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>>>>>> Gary has also written for ARSC Journal advocating analog  playback 
>>>>>> and EQ of
>>>>>> grooved media, rather
>>>>>> than "flat playback" and software EQ, and has specified the 
>>>>>> technical
>>>>>> reasons why analog EQ works
>>>>>> differently from DSP EQ.
>>> What is it about minimum phase digital audio equalization, such as  that
>>> found in a de-RIAA or RIAA plugin, that Mr. Galo feels is not up to 
>>> snuff?