Dear Don,

My previous tonarm I used some seven years ago was one piece aluminum type 
Rega based (RB 200 etc) type. Not so cheap though, for I tried every kind of 
damping: rubber, silicone and at the end Teflon strip tape placed alongside 
tonearm. Only thick layer of Teflon tape (around 4 or 5 layers of tape 
firmly wrapped) help a bit but that awful bell like resonance remain until 
the very end. I gave up, sold tonearm and turntable and bought SP 15 with 
Audiotechnica ATP 12 P. Even with long tube (12 inch) it is quiet enough and 
very successful for transferring various kinds of records. No antiskate 
compensation. So it is not brilliant with groove skipping, but descent 
tonearm for "everyday" usage.



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> On 12/04/2012, Milan P Milovanovic wrote:
>> Let us not forget clearly pronounced tonearm resonances included with
>> large clicks on almost every type of tonearm (especially those
>> straight aluminum tube type).
> These can be damped by running a thin line of silicone rubber (as used
> for sealing baths etc) along the tube. Not, of course, so much that the
> mass of the tube is significantly increased.
> A little rubber in the right places is very effective against
> resonances.
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