Hi, Stephen,

You can use Jay McKnights program on the MRL website to calculate a 
table of offsets to compensate for this. I don't have the exact link 
handy, but I think the program is magtapeeq or magtapeq.

It is the program Jay uses to provide compensation tables in Choosing 
and Using an MRL test tape.

Whenever you do this you want to use resampling conversions because any 
of the other change speed or pitch (that work alone) don't sound as good 
as plain simple resampling.

You can build the EQ into an FFT filter and save it for future reference 
in the DAW.



On 2012-04-13 4:11 PM, Stephen Bolech wrote:
> Thanks, Tom.  Yes, I have done that before with our Studer (A810), and it worked well.  The way I understand it is that if you digitize at double the desired sample rate (at least for 1 7/8), and then just play the file back at the desired sample rate, there is no funny digital pitch shifting going on.  It's like a true varispeed.  But the problem is that shifts the playback EQ down an octave, right?

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