The EQ differences are not great and using Jay's program you can easily 
dial the difference in. I wouldn't go in and tweak the recorder (other 
than what I suggested doing for the APR that allows you to store the 
1.88 in/s setup to recall at the press of a button). The 15/16 EQ is not 
well defined, and your best bet is to use as close as you can get and 
then tweak the DAW for best sound. Forget trying to match numbers at 
that speed.



On 2012-04-13 4:27 PM, Stephen Bolech wrote:
> Thanks, Richard.  If I'm using the varispeed method, what do you and others think about modifying the machine to defeat the playback EQ when desired, then doing it digitally?  I realize this touches on another ongoing dispute about transferring 78s flat and using digital eq, but has anyone done this?
> Thanks,
> Stephen

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