Hi, Don,

In the early 1970s, I recall getting into a long, and semi-heated 
discussion between two brands of cartridges. My colleague had done scope 
photos of various cartridges reproducing CBS Labs test records, 
including square waves. He said one cartridge was better than my 
favourite because it didn't show the ringing in the square waves. I said 
I didn't like his cartridge because it sounded dull and lifeless 
compared to my favourite which sounded more like live music.

I also recall, a half decade or more later, a magazine, I think it was 
AUDIO Magazine, showed scanning electron micrographs  (SEM images) of 
the grooves of one or more CBS Labs test records and the ringing showed 
up in the SEM images!



On 2012-04-14 6:06 AM, Don Cox wrote:
> Back in the days when The Gramophone carried technical reviews of
> equipment, under John Borwick especially, oscilloscope traces of pickup
> cartridges playing "square waves" were shown in all reviews. I assume
> the actual waveforms on the LP were triangular.

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