Hi, All,

For some reason, I found a bit of cognitive dissonance when I worked on 
a reel of 1" wide tape that appeared to be acetate.

This dissonance probably stems from the fact that in 1956, 
PET-film-based ("Mylar(tm)") tape was produced for video recording and 
almost all wide-width tape I've seen has been PET-based. I suspect this 
is something like 3M 201 "Dynarange". Was this common? I would have 
suspected 202 would have been the more likely choice.

These three tapes have been abused and are in horrid shape, warped, 
severe edge damage, and aren't behaving at all!

I'm just checking -- I can do more tests to confirm, but I'm wondering 
what others' experiences are. I'm pretty certain I've seen 1/2-inch 



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