On 2012-04-18 1:16 PM, Mark Donahue wrote:
> Richard,
> I came across a fair bit of 1/2" acetate in the Living Stereo
> remastering project, but it all disappeared around 1958 or so. After
> that it was all Mylar except for the odd roll of 1/4".
Thanks, Mark, that was my impression as well, but at least in 1/4-inch, 
3M kept 111 around until 1972 or 1973 because broadcasters wanted 
acetate tape.

On 2012-04-18 1:34 PM, Dennis Rooney wrote:
> 3M 190 (red oxide) was acetate. 3M's Type 201-203 (later renamed Dynarange)
> was introduced in 1962-3. I have boxes of it labelled "Developmental
> Product 1273" The NYPO/Berstein Mahler Third was mastered on 1/2" 190 and
> those tapes were so warped when I worked on them that a chamois was used to
> flatten the tape long enough for it to pass across the pb head.
Thanks, Dennis, I'm heading the velour route on this 1" tape independent 
of what basefilm it is, it seems the only logical option. I tried 
increased tension and a tighter wrap around the repro head to no avail, 
still nasty. It seems that the track one edge of the tape is slightly 
longer than the track 8 edge and it flops around in the breeze.

On 2012-04-18 1:57 PM, Tom Fine wrote:
> My point is, acetate tape was made into the time period that 1" tape 
> would have been manufactured because there were 1" 8-track recorders 
> out in the field. 
Right, Tom, I agree with you that it's possible because of the timing 
overlap, but what I wanted to know was if anyone had seen 1" acetate. 
I'm not 100% certain yet and the see-through is unreliable on this due 
to the width and the edge damage and poor storage conditions (damp 
basements not in boxes, raw pancakes)

These are important as they represent the first album (from 1968) of a 
major Cape Breton artist and he never liked the mix in his lifetime. The 
studio had just taken delivery of three new Ampex machines 2T 1/4", 4T 
1/2", and 8T 1". I'm assuming they are all AG-440s at the time...but not 
certain. There were horrid clicks between songs on the 1" tape.

As an historic note, the "Dynarange" series was introduced in 1962 (even 
if it wasn't called that at the time). There were three tapes in the series:
   201 - acetate "1.5 mil" (2500' on 10.5" reel)
   202 - polyester/PET "1.5 mil" (2500' on 10.5" reel)
   203 - polyester/PET "1.0 mil" (3600' on 10.5" reel)

This tape was improved upon again in 1969 with 206/207. These were two 
different thicknesses (same as 202/203) and both were polyester-based.

201 appears to have been the last acetate-based tape introduced by 3M. A 
polyester version of 111 was introduced in 1953 as 111AM or 102 and that 
looks like the first Polyester tape.

All this and more at
and for BASF/AGFA

Thanks, all...especially Dennis for the confirmation of the need to use 
the pressure pad.



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