On 2012-04-18 2:15 PM, Richard L. Hess wrote:
> Right, Tom, I agree with you that it's possible because of the timing 
> overlap, but what I wanted to know was if anyone had seen 1" acetate. 
> I'm not 100% certain yet and the see-through is unreliable on this due 
> to the width and the edge damage and poor storage conditions (damp 
> basements not in boxes, raw pancakes)
I am now convinced it is acetate. My usual test is to hold the tape up 
to the ceiling lights in the studio (reflector flood) and I did not 
really see anything. I took a bright LED flashlight and that came 
through loud and it is acetate. That explains some of why 
it's messy.

Dennis, did you try rehydrating the tapes if they were acetate? That has 
smoothed out some acetate tapes in my experience, but has not been that 




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