I had several greatly informative talks about many aspects of music and
recordings with David during his tenure at NYPL. Occasionally our
conversations would end with him asking "Well, Dan, when are we going to get
your collection?" I would reply "When it's complete."

It still isn't.

David and some of his colleagues in those years -- Paul Myers (sp?) for one
-- always were genial and made certain I and others would get what we

I also recall walking out of the library onto the "campus" one cold day and
encountering the head of the recording division who asked why I was leaving
so early and without my briefcase. When I explained that I was just taking a
smoke break he said "Come up to my office and we'll have one together. Feel
free to use it anytime, even if I'm not around. I'll tell my staff."

Those were the days . . . and they were The Days when Giants like David were
among us.

Dan Langan

On 4/18/12 7:01 PM, "Garrett Bowles" <[log in to unmask]> wrote:

> I was sad to hear of David's passing. I met him in 1974 when we
> organized the Associated Audio Archives, and he was an important
> source for us because of his extensive experiences with sound
> recordings. I remember one evening after a meeting when David and his
> wife invited us to his house for dinner. It was, I believe, on that
> occasion that I first heard of, and heard, the Crepitation Contest.
> It was an exceptionally enjoyable evening!
> Garrett Bowles