Many thanks Steve Smolian and Michel Biel,
Miyamoto is not in a hurry. Take your time and we look forward to hearing 
from you again about your collection both the tape manufacturers catalogs 
and the Harrison Tape Catalog.

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>> I can't do the pictures, but have the following in my
>> tape incentory, not checked for quality:

>> Mercury MVS-2-32 Sarah Vaughan. After Hours
>> RCA APS-105 Prez Prado
>> RCA CPS-110 Tito Puente
>> Omega ST-3020 Bernstein. Backgrouinds for Brando

>> I realize these are not jazz but give a brief idea of the lines that
>> had jazz titles as well. I'm sure there were many such on Mercury.
>> I believe World Pacific had some 2-tracks as well.
>> These are 2 track, in-line.
>> Much of the answer depends of how one defines jazz.
>> Steve Smolian

These four tapes are 2-track stereo.  I think they were looking for
2-track MONO or full-track mono.  RCA Victor did issue about 16 mono
tapes between 1954 and 56 when they started issuing 2-track stereo
including the two you show.  The first letter indicates the length of
the tape which determines the price.  The P is for Popular, and the S is
for Stereo.  Mono tapes had only two letter prefixes.

Unfortunately I am not near my catalogs, otherwise I could list them
all.  I have some of the tape manufacturers catalogs as well as several
years worth of the Harrison Tape Catalog.

Mike Biel  [log in to unmask]

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From:  Yasuhiro Fujioka
> Dear Mr. Steve,
> Could you show me pictures of those? If not available, at least
> I want to know discographical data. Thanks in advance. Fuji

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From: Steven Smolian
Yes. There were some on Livingston and Concerttapes. Others as well.
Steve Smolian

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From:  Yasuhiro Fujioka

May I have one question?
My friend Miyamoto looks for commercial reel-to-reel tape of Jazz either
single track/mono or 2 tracks/mono (but not 4 tracks/stereo.) We only
jazz reel-to-reel tape 4 tracks/stereo but never seen single/mono or 2
tracks/mono.  Have you ever seen that?  Fuji