Hey Jim, kewl! Thanks for the link.

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You're mistaken Tom, and Cheer up guys - you too can own a piece of Cass Tech!

Jim Lindner

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On Mar 30, 2012, at 3:52 PM, Tom Fine wrote:

> What's amazing to me is that no attempt was made to salvage and sell off furnishing, fixtures, etc 
> at schools and municipal buildings. The city has been in dire financial straits for years, same is 
> true for the state (which also has a high tax rate). You'd think someone would want to make 
> whatever money could be made from vacant buildings, give the taxpayers a little bit of a break. 
> Also, it's selfish and irresponsible to just abandon educational materials that can be salvaged 
> and re-used. There are places even poorer than Detroit, in the U.S. and around the world. Those 
> books and supplies are needed. To a frugal person, the whole situation is offensive.
> -- Tom Fine
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>> I just spent an hour looking at which has a feature on Cass Tech. 
>> Hundreds of equally sad stories.
>> It was very sad driving through Detroit about a year ago.
>> On 2012-03-30 2:19 PM, bARC wrote:
>>> My wife, raised in Detroit, attended Interlochen + U o fM, on seeing photos of Cass Tech :
>>>  "Geez�sickening.  Cass Tech was the Styvesent HS of Detroit..the best of the best, especially 
>>> for music. Lot�s of UM scholarship kids from there, probably the biggest lot of any school in 
>>> Michigan."
>> -- 
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