From: Patent Tactics, George Brock-Nannestad


colored vinyl is invariably noisy because the pigment is a powder that is 
mixed into the vinyl compound. Translucent red or other colours are liquids 
that are mixed before polymerisation - there are no particles. The reason 
carbon black does not make a sound is that it is so very finely divided. With 
shellac records the noise was not noticed because you were used to it. The 
pigments used had about the same particle size as the slate dust or sienna, 
which was a pigment used in the beginning as the filler instead of slate 

The noise you hear from vinyl pressings of 78s has two main sources: the 
cutting process and the electrotyping processes. I don't think I have ever 
seen or heard a vinyl pressing from a Berliner etched original zinc record - 
that would be noisy due to the etching process. But very interesting, still.

If you collect a limited issue of individually colored vinyl you will not be 
satisfied as a collector until you have them all.

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> Tom,
> I've found most of the colored vinyl is atrociously noisy, but others
> that aren't.  Not surprisingly, the ones that sound better have a
> better quality-control feel as a whole.
> Jim
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> wrote:
> > Are the colored vinyls more noisy than black like the picture disks used
> to
> > be back in the 80s?
> >
> > A neato RSD promo for a band would be that they go down to United
> Pressing
> > in Nashville and hand-mix buckets of colored pellets, which then get
> made
> > into biscuits. If you had a 4-person band, maybe the drummer mixes black
> and
> > silver with a few red flecks, the guitar player mixes green, yellow and
> > orange, the bass player goes with red white and blue and the female
> singer
> > goes for pink, indigo and day-glo orange. The could also come up with
> four
> > versions of the cover, and press 500 copies of each. Bands may contact
> me
> > for licensing information! ;)
> >
> > -- Tom Fine
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> >> All,
> >>
> >> A thought occurred to me that I'd like to get others' take on.  With
> >> the exception of the band Shellac, I can't think of a new releases
> >> since sometime in the mid '00s that's been pressed on black vinyl.   I
> >> definitely have all the primary colors, a lot of secondary colors, and
> >> a few clear/translucent ones for good measure.  Meanwhile, I can tick
> >> off scads of new vinyl since then that've been black, but they were
> >> all reissues, not new releases.
> >>
> >> That said, all my vinyl tends to be of
> >> indie/alternative/underground/whatever rock bands.  They're obviously
> >> doing it for the collecting aspect.
> >>
> >> Anyone else seen something similar?
> >>
> >> Jim
> >>
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