(continued from previous posting)

5. ABC: born out of NBC's spinoff of The Blue Network.  Its shows were not
ID'd as ABC or The American Broadcasting Company until January, 1945.
Therefore if a titular end of the coverage is 9-2-45, there was at least
2.5 years of coverage.  I think that National Archives has acetates donated
to it by ABC.  George Hicks landed on Omaha Beach lugging a wire recorder
on which he recorded
stirring reports.

6. Mutual: I donít know if a corporate archive of recordings & documents
exist. It might be possible to

obtain information from its affiliated stations such as WOR here in NY.

7. Thousand Oaks Library (California)

8. Museum Of American Broadcasting (University of Maryland)

9. for all of the networks, locate listings of affiliated and owned
stations.  Then contact those
stations that still use the wartime call letters.  i.e. KDKA, WGY, WGN,
WSYR (I think that WSYS's
archives are at Syracuse University).

10. Elizabeth Mcleod & of course, Michael Biel

Art Shifrin