I know I once  had a pile of lacquers,from various radio stations,of  news broadcasts about WWII.Some involved local reporters.One was interviewing soldiers about to leave for the Pacific,another was a reporter who had gone over to London to interview people after the Blitz.Some were also dubs of Edward R.Murrow and the like.All had labels from radio stations.Oklahoma,Texas,Ohio,etc.Some 33,some 78 RPM.I contacted a number of museums and archives,but nobody was interested.So I put them up on fleaBay,in 2001.I am sure there were thousands of such lacquers out there,most were probably junked.I found these in a pile of trash,from someone cleaning out a garage.



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Sent: Saturday, April 21, 2012 7:58 AM
Subject: [ARSCLIST] World War II radio coverage
some initial thoughts:

1. what (even approximate) date do you consider coverage to have started?
(i.e. the Munich Crisis,
invasion of Poland, 12-7-41?) This affects the two NBC networks Red and

2. "The Golden Web" by Erok Barnouw

3. NBC:LOC has their documents as well as the trove of broadcast recordings

4. CBS: I don't know where its corporate historical files are, but try The
Paley Center here in NYC. Google searches should include Ed Murrow, William
L. Shirer and Larry LeSueur