Click Repair is a great tool for click and crackle reduction  for LPs and 78s.  
The nice thing is you can  adjust how agressive you want the filters to be. Both click and crackle are variable.
All files must be in  wav format.
I have DC8 and Sound Forge, and  go for  Clickrepair as the better  software. 
Also from Brian Davies is his noise reduction.....  another great tool.  Just be careful not to  over process an suck all the life out of the recordings.
All the music on the Americanbeautiful site is processed with  Clickrepair and Denoise......  
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Subject: Re: [ARSCLIST] Reducing crackle on 78s analogue and digital
Hi, Jan,

I don't know how this works on 78s, but on badly scratched LPs, of the tools I have available (which do not include the high-end Algorithmix or Cedar options), Brian Davies Click Repair is head and shoulders above the other things which include DC6 and Samplitude 11 Restoration Suite as well as the Algorithmix Sound Laundry suite.

I'm just a satisfied user.



On 2012-04-21 6:22 PM, Jan Myren wrote:
> HI!
> I want to ask you what is the best way to reduce crackle on 78's in analogue
> and digital restoration; what kind of techniques and equipment that works
> best on this matter. This because I think this is the most annoying noise on
> 78's, especially on the british ones.
> Hope to get some feedback from you!
> All the best
> Jan

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