I may be wrong,and I usually am,but I thought everything issued by the original company were new recordings,and the post-Everest ones,that I never looked at more closely were all originals.

I have one of the Reginald Kells on Concert-Disc,pressed in Australia,that is in a generic cover with a Festival logo on it.I don't know who issued it,but I found it,and a similar Everest, in a pile of 1960s Australian World Record Club issues.Is that what this was?


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My comments, to the extent of my knowledge, to some of your queries below...

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I've been looking at CONCERT-DISC releases, and hope someone can provide some information.

There appear to be 2 series of single LP's and a series of Box sets.

A popular series, lowest number I've seen is CS-20 (stereo), mono equivalents M-1020 ff.  Correct.  I don’t show anything lower than than in my catalogues.
  What is last (CS-53) ??  CS-53 – Red Nichols and His Five Pennies, were followed by:
                CS-54 – The Folk Singers’ Folk Singer – Frank Hamilton; and
                CS-55 – Lots of Nichols

Classical series CS-201 (stereo), mono equivalents M-1201 ff.  
  What is last (CS 261) ??  That is correct—the Mendelssohn Octet, etc. with the Fine Arts Quartet.

Box sets in a 500 series SP-501, mono MP-1501 ff.
  What is last (507) ??  Yes, 507/3, a 3-LP set of the Beethoven Early Quartets (Op. 18, Nos. 1-6) with the Fine Arts Quartet

Were the box sets a product of the original company, or solely from Everest ??  I do not believe these originated with Everest.

There are a number of series designations
  Sound in the Round
  - what is the significance of these, does AUDIOPHILE have anything to do with the Audiophile label ??  This I am not sure about.  Perhaps others have more information.

Best wishes, Thomas.