Look at the Dutch and German sites.There is a triple 10" Record Store Day box set of Dave Brubeck Fantasy material.

I was looking at the list,and I see fifteen titles of possible interest,including the Pete Townshend Quadrophenia demos.



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Sent: Sunday, April 22, 2012 1:04 PM
Subject: Re: [ARSCLIST] Record Store Day and - "ARSCers"
Cary wrote:"I have seen nothing in the way of new compilations of material  
on vinyl or reissues of classic jazz,
Broadway, country, or even generic pop.  The Record Store Day releases, 
aside from the occasional
"novelty" issue of  something on 78 (the Beach Boys' 78 of "Good 
Vibrations" last year comes  to
mind), are still of little interest to ARSCers - at least from a West  
Coast perspective."

While I'm sure I know where you are coming from in your comment Cary, I  
think that if the term "ARSCers" will always be defined as those who collect  
recordings (including CDs) pressed before 1980 or so (or even before 2000) 
then  ARSC needs to broden its exposure to new collectors. We have folks like 
Uncle  Dave Lewis who give a classical music AND a punk rock paper at an 
ARSC  Conference (great jobs on both!) but not everyone is UDL. Are the folks 
who  really flock RSD ARSC member (and hence ARSCLIst member) possibilities? 
I  understand the 78-L listserve members (many who are here) but it seems 
to me  that we should be as diverse as the MLA listsefe - and, actually, more 
sore  since many of the MLA folks work with sound recordings as part of the 
JOB and  not hobby (and probably could care less about RSD).

What I thought was the dumbest RSD move was for Tompkins Square records to  
press 500 78s and send to the stores. They probably could have produced 
2,000 or  more and sold them. They'd make a nice profit and collectors would 
thank them.  Instead those "resellers" who grabbed the 500 will put on eBay 
and Tompkins  Square won't see a penny. We only had one (out of of 6 
independent record  stores within blocks of my house) participate in RSD and they had 
basically no  "special product).

Steve Ramm