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> I have some items in hand with murky discographic trails that I am
> hoping to unscramble, if possible.
> Item number one: and LP Crown Records CLP 5212 "Modern Jazz Greats"
> with "The Continental Jazz Octette"
> I am assuming that this is a west coast group of players, given the
> presence of Shorty Rogers "Popo", Gerry Mulligan's "Soft Shoe" and
> Chet Baker's "Freeway" plus they sound like it. There are no personnel
> or venues on the jacket. The back is, in fact, a list of all the Crown
> releases, with no notes at all; the sort of thing you used to find at
> the supermarket or discount store. Crown's address, 1435 S. La Cienega
> Blvd., LA, is at the bottom, which further adds to my conviction of
> it's location of origin. I checked my CD-ROM (a very old version -
> 3.3) of Lord and it is there, but with no more info and I can find no
> other release of these same tunes together, so it may be an original
> recording and it is not all that bad. I'd be curious to know if anyone
> has deeper knowledge of who is concealed behind "The Continental Jazz
> Octette"
There is a similar LP called just "Continental Jazz", which might
involve a similar cast. Listed on Amazon as:

 Les Cinq Modernes (Performer), Al Hendrickson (Performer), Irv Cottler (Performer), Jimmy Bundy (Performer), Gene Estes (Performer), Pete Jolly (Performer), Paul Horn (Performer) 

See also here:

My guess is that these budget records were made by whoever was available
for a studio session on that day.

> Thirdly is another CD with similar problems, Past Perfect 204354-203 -
> "Claude Thornhill - Snowfall". Tunes and vocalists are listed and
> there is a notation "No detailed informations available" at the end of
> the track list on this Japanese production. All of the tunes were
> recorded multiple times by Thornhill and with the same vocalists. I
> don't find mention of either this or the previous CD in my copy of
> Lord, though it may have made it into more recent releases. Help.
One could compare the timings with those on better documented reissues
such as the ones on the Hep label (which I have). It would be better to
throw away the Past Perfect CD and buy the Hep ones, of which there are

If you post a list of titles with vovalists and timings, I could

Don Cox
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