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> I don't think it is a joke but this dealer has many records at 
> way-out-of-line prices IMO. Notice that this one is 20% off? Many of his 
> records are discounted and still way over priced. Also notice that he 
> has over 40k sales, but I have no idea how.

Because "he" has over 55,000 records up on site at a time and most of
them are priced in the single and double digits.  A couple of weeks ago
I got an LP from them that I had been looking for for 20 years at a Best
Offer price of $8.00.  Looking at the recent completed sales I do think
I have seen most of them in recent years for less than $3.00, but if you
need a record in a hurry . . .   

> He certainly doesn't take much time to make pictures. The label is on 
> its side and there is no CU. Not very good salesmanship IMO. 

Sometimes there are very good images on this site.  They were just
sloppy this time and you might be able to get them to retake pics of the
labels since that is so necessary on this pair.

> I also love the way ebay says that this guy (and many other dealers) 
> receive consistently high feedback, but he is not 100%. So someone has 
> given him bad remarks somewhere. I don't call that consistent. If he is 
> so consistent why isn't he 100%?  joe salerno

This statement is way beneath you, Joe.  99.6% is FANTASTICALLY
CONSISTENT.  25 negatives in the past 12 months out of almost seven
thousand seven hundred sales?  Some were problems with shipping damage,
the customs dept in Greece and Germany, and others thought that their
listing of the lowest grading of VG should yield a record that was
really very very very GREAT!!!  Read the complaints yourself -- there
are so few of them it will take about two minutes.  

On 4/23/2012 7:12 PM, Tom Fine wrote:
> are these things really worth $160 each? Can someone provide some
> history? They seem to be dubs of commercial masters, combined into a 6-8
> minute "set" to be played between voiced announcements?   -- Tom Fine

As for Tom's question, no these are not worth anywhere near this because
these are not original recordings.

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