Hi Brandon,
     Are you by chance talking about the 10.5" setup boxes:

     For what it's worth, the high price of $179.99/10, seems to be the cost
of buying 50 such boxes - not for just 10, since it's a bundle of 10
five-packs.  More than $3, each, but with removable hub support and neutral
pH factor.  
     The USRM box seems to be a bit cheaper than the Archivcarton für Spulen
sold at darklab:

     USRM also under-cuts the price of those at Family Archives, fwiw:

     For $90, you could buy 100 of these no-hub-support, not quite
right-sized Uline mailers:


Good luck,

On 4/5/12 5:46 PM, "Brandon Burke" <[log in to unmask]> wrote:

> Can anyone suggest a good vendor for plain white 10" reel boxes? I know about
> these from US Recording but there's got to be something cheaper. That's crazy.
> Thanks, 
> Brandon 
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