I see this a lot in the audio forums I frequent.Americans,myself included,feel their fine vintage tuners,are useless,because there is so much homogenized crap from corporate owned FM radio,with AM

I must have at least 30,000 records.70% vinyl,30% shellac.The oldest being two of those early (1905?) Victor records,by members of The Boston Symphony Orchestra.

40% rock,with a lot of obscurities,punk,etc.
30% classical,rough guess.

20% soul/R&B mostly 45s,most of them obscurities

10% combined pre-1975 country,exotica,oddball easy listening,comedy,and other strangeness.


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You are always hearing something new. 

The Radio 2 channels covers not only rock but 1930s-to-50s popular

My collection is around 70% CDs, 29% vinyl and 1% shellac. 

I guess it is around 70% "classical" (from medieval up to Boulez, Carter
and a few younger living composers), 20% jazz and 10% all the rest.

Don Cox
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