Almost very UK EMI/Parlophone issue in the 00's was black vinyl that I have,or have seen.This includes all the Gorillaz,and The Good,The Bad,and The Queen promos that were pressed in very small quantities.I bought one EMI 7" in the 00s that was color vinyl.The Universal/Deutsche Grammophon records I have from the 00's,like the Matthew Herbert Matthew / Guiseppi Sinopoli Mahler 10,the Thorens 125th Anniversary record,the last two REM records,the Jet records on Australian Capitol/EMI,and many others I bought were on good old black vinyl.


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Sent: Tuesday, April 24, 2012 1:40 PM
Subject: [ARSCLIST] The Color of Vinyl in 2012

A thought occurred to me that I'd like to get others' take on.  With
the exception of the band Shellac, I can't think of a new releases
since sometime in the mid '00s that's been pressed on black vinyl.   I
definitely have all the primary colors, a lot of secondary colors, and
a few clear/translucent ones for good measure.  Meanwhile, I can tick
off scads of new vinyl since then that've been black, but they were
all reissues, not new releases.

That said, all my vinyl tends to be of
indie/alternative/underground/whatever rock bands.  They're obviously
doing it for the collecting aspect.

Anyone else seen something similar?