There was an awful lot of red vinyl records in the late 40s and 50s.RCA Red Seal,Concert Hall Society,Audiophile,Silvertone 78s,Royale,and a fair number of independent R&B labels,United,Jubilee,ad infinitum.Red was a pretty common color for records,with the early Crown stereo Lps as some of the last.

Not to mention the Japanese "Everclear" Capitol,Angel,etc pressings,made after Shibaura took over distribution of Capitol from King/Telefunken in Japan.


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>I have a few examples of maybe one of the earliest uses of red vinyl -- Majestic Records did a limited "deluxe" series of 78's on real-deal red vinyl, I'd date it to 1948 or so.
This 'Duraflex' line was inaugurated with the Al Smith Memorial album in Dec. of 1945. I think Duraflex was a west coast pressing plant.

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Thanks for the book recommendation. Awesome, if only for the fact that Georgio Moroder is one of the authors.Speaking of colored vinyl, I have a few examples of maybe one of the earliest uses of red vinyl -- Majestic Records did a limited "deluxe" series of 78's on real-deal red vinyl, I'd date it to 1948 or so. If you find them not gouged out by steel needles at 10 grams, or scratched from being in gritty paper album sleeves or boxes, they play very quietly. I know about RCA's earlier red 78's, detailed in the latest ARSC Journal, but I think the article said they weren't real-deal vinyl as in what most records are made of nowadays.-- Tom Fine----- Original Message ----- From: "Michael Biel" To: Sent: Tuesday, April 24, 2012 6:49 PMSubject: Re: [ARSCLIST] The Color of Vinyl in 2012> From: Roger Kulp > Am I the only one here who collects punk,new wave,and indie rock> from the 70s on?This is old,old stuff,and it's been going on> continually since '77 or
 so.You're not the only one but I only get them when they are cheap becausethis ain't my kind of music! But for those of you who are seriouslycollecting them in colored and picture disc form there is a great bookon the subject. While there have been many books which touched on thesubject of colored records when spending more space on picture records,this one is heavily into colored discs -- nearly all of the first 280pages of the 450 page book. Extraordinary Records by Georgio Moroderand Alessandro Benedetti, published by Taschen Books in 2009. Biel [log in to unmask],Sub Pop,and countless other labels had colored and regular blackvinyl versions of their records issued at the same time,starting about1988 or so.The colored vinyl ones
 were always pressed in quantities of acouple of hundred or less.There is that famous Nirvana/Melvins 45 ofVelvet Underground covers,where EACH COPY was pressed on a differentcolor vinyl.There is the US yellow vinyl "Road To Ruin",the 1978 Canadian "SargentPepper",the marble swirled vinyl Stranglers "Black And White",with thebonus color 45,the entire "Be Stiff" UK Tour Series,just a few that cameout in 1978 alone.Sheesh.Roger________________________________ From: Aaron Levinson To: [log in to unmask]: Tuesday, April 24, 2012 2:52 PMSubject: Re: [ARSCLIST] The Color of Vinyl in 2012Sorry I meant the proliferation of colored vinyl.AASent from my iPhoneOn Apr 24, 2012, at 3:40 PM, Jim Sam  wrote:> All,>> A thought occurred to me that I'd like to get others' take on. With> the exception of the band Shellac, I can't think of a new releases> since sometime in the mid '00s that's been pressed on black vinyl. I> definitely have all the primary
 colors, a lot of secondary colors, and> a few clear/translucent ones for good measure. Meanwhile, I can tick> off scads of new vinyl since then that've been black, but they were> all reissues, not new releases.>> That said, all my vinyl tends to be of> indie/alternative/underground/whatever rock bands. They're obviously> doing it for the collecting aspect.>> Anyone else seen something similar?>> Jim