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For over 25 yrs. we have demonstrated that it is indeed possible to safely & thoroughly clean Diamond Discs with a water-based blend of ionic & non-ionic surfactants when used as directed.  Users include individuals & institutions nationally & internationally, some of whom are members of this list.

Household soaps & detergents are not thorough cleaners of disc phonograph recordings even with a simple rinse.  Trace residues can act as feedstock for biological growth & interfere with accurate playback.


Duane Goldman

On Apr 24, 2012, at 5:08 PM, Michael Biel wrote:

> From: Roger Kulp <[log in to unmask]>
>> Could someone tell me why the surfaces of so many Diamond Discs seem
>> to flake and peel off,leaving the core exposed?  Roger
> This was a problem in the earlier years because the surfaces were a
> celluloid sheet laid on a wood-flour core.  The wood-flour core would
> absorb water which is why Edison discs must NEVER be washed. The rims
> start to spread and separate, and the celluloid will curl.  The three
> dimples in the label area were supposed to help keep the celluloid layer
> secure, and they continued to have the dimples in later years when the
> top surface was changed to a liquid called Condensite which hardened
> with the pressure of the press with pressing times between 20 and 40
> minutes.  The core material became changed to clay which did not absorb
> water.  This started during the war years when quality materials were
> scarce, and the surfaces were not quiet for several years.  It was
> finally when they started using the paper labels in the early 20s that
> the disc surfaces became quieter.  
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