I only learned recently that Smithsonian/Fplkways were starting to do vinyl.They don't seem  to put much thought into most of the titles they reissued.Totally off topic,but here's my #1 wish for a Folkways reissue on Lp


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THIS would have been a very sensible issue for Record Store Day, moreso
than almost all of the ones that were done.  Especially if they decided
to reproduce the 1972 vinyl issue.

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Very rare recording indeed!
$ 12.97 to libraries & universities.

Artist: Armstrong/Glenn/Gwaltney
Title: Satchmo At The National Press Club: Red Beans & Ri
Genre: Jazz
Release Date: 24 April 2012
Attributes: Cd-R ~ Discs:1 ~ Country:Usa
Country: USA
Label: Folkways Records ( FKWQ )
Product Type: Compact Disc
Catalog #: 60005
UPC: 093076000524
Configuration: D: CD

Jazz icon Louis Armstrong, always the consummate entertainer, turned a
1971 award ceremony at the National Press Club into an impromptu
performance that was one of his last concerts before passing away 5
months later. Joined by longtime band-mates Tyree Glenn and Tommy
Gwaltney, Armstrong shows no signs of frailty on classics including
“Mack the Knife.” The recording, originally a limited vinyl release
by the National Press Club now available widely for the first time in
both physical and digital formats, also includes highlights from Glenn's
tribute concert to his late friend and teacher one year later. Armstrong
often signed letters “Red Beans and Rice-ly Yours,” which makes for
an apt title since his favorite recipes are included in the liner notes.
11 tracks, 58 minutes.

Track listing:

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A rare recording of one of the last live performances by jazz trumpeter
Louis Armstrong has been made public.  The move was prompted by the
press club discovering a rare LP of the event.