I checked the microfilm of the Detroit Times issues near the date of 3-19-58 and did not find the photograph you describe. Frank Gill was the music writer for the Times back then. He did have a review of the concert season finale on 3-21-58, and also an article on 3-23-58 featuring Paul Paray and his wife. The point of the article was to say that the conductor was about to go on vacation. It mentions that the concert season had concluded, and that the following day, March 24, Mr. Paray would complete his recordings for Mercury, (which corroborates the dates you mentioned), and then be free to take a vacation. 

I suspect your photo was taken for this article, but never used. The piece was a single page in the Sunday supplement section called "The Tempo of the Times", and had a large picture of Paray and his wife (credited only to the 'Detroit Times'). Perhaps the piece was going to be longer and allow for another photo, but was edited due to space limitations. Savage was probably the photographer, but I can't be certain of that.

Interestingly, in the same issue of 3-23-58, there is a half page article with the headline 'stereophonic recordings now available' in the marketplace :-) No mention of the DSO, just the latest gizmos from Westrex, etc.

I was unable to make a photocopy of the pieces, as the printer was not functioning on the microfilm scanner I used, but if absolutely necessary, I could return some time and try another machine. I hope this information is of some use to you.

-- Leo J. Gillis

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Subject: [ARSCLIST] Assistance needed tracking down old Detroit Times article
The Detroit Public library charges a good bit to do remote searching for an article. If anyone is Detroit-based and willing to take a trip to the libary, I would greatly appreciate a copy of the following article. I obtained the photo for it on eBay, so this information comes from the back of the photo.

The date on the photo is 3/19/58. The photographer was "Savage." The assignment was "for Frank Gill," who I assume was either the writer or editor. The topic was a Detroit Symphony recording session at "Old Orchestra Hall," which I think was also called the Paradise Theatre in those days, but I might be wrong on that.

So the article likely ran on 3/19/58 or in the days immediately afterward. The photo shows Paul Paray conducting a tightly-clustered ensemble.

Interestingly, if the photo really was taken on 3/19/58, it was a setup and rehearsal, not a recording session. The only Detroit sessions done in that timeframe were 3/21-24/58. However, the photo does indicate that the Mercury crew was there. No microphones are shown, but the intercom from the recording room to the truck and conductor podium is shown below Paray's podium. Not every date in the Mercury session book is 100% accurate, so it is possible that recording did take place on 3/19/58, but most likely this was a rehearsal and mics were set up and tested at the same time, in preparation for recording on the 21st.

So, anyone with in-person to the Detroit public library, which has an archive of Detroit Times issues, most appreciative if you can help me.

-- Tom Fine